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About me

My passion is in experiences that invite guests to step into another "reality," That may be an immersive theater experience, a travel destination, a vintage event, or (best case scenario) a Deep Dive experience.

I am both a generalist and a specialist. My specialty is acting and writing for interactive experiences that invite guests to play an integral role, but in order to practice that specialty, I have needed to develop a wide range of other skills to make projects come to life, and (let's be real) pay my bills. Over the last decade, I've developed a wide range of skills & experience in the entertainment/ events industry from writing & directing to management & production.

Now I can look at experiences and interactive design from a wholistic perspective with insights to how the writing, technical, and production details work together.

Hear my origin story

If you're interested in hearing more of my personal origin story, check out my intro video on my YouTube channel, Making Belief.

My story

  • I grew up in NJ dreaming of Broadway, taking classes & auditioning in NYC as a teenager (yes, I am a "triple threat").

  • My parents, who divorced when I was 4, had drastically different belief systems.

  • I was lucky enough to travel internationally from a young age, visiting Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, UK, France, Portugal, and Italy all before the age of 18.

College/ early career
  • I majored in Theater Studies and minored in Dance at Montclair State University, developed a passion for movement theater and devising.

  • Started working on my first immersive projects with a group of classmates at Montclair, including Astor & Grey's Antiques.

  • Co-founded my first theater company, Journey Lab, creating experiences inspired by the film noir aesthetic of Sleep No More.

  • Our first full length production, The Alving Estate, had a sold-out run at the historic Morris-Jumel Mansion in NYC

  • My "day job" as a lighting programmer, stagehand, AV technician, and scenic fabricator in the events industry gave me technical skills that have greatly benefited my experience design work.

Interactive Deep Dive
  • A 9-month intensive training program lead by Jeff Wirth and dedicated to experiences where an unrehearsed non-actor plays the protagonist in the narrative. Think the Truman Show (or Jury Duty) if Truman (Ronald) knowingly opted into their fictional world.

  • This work opened my mind to the untapped potential of interactive experiences and more broadly the psychology of belief and imagination.

  • This

  • Our project OpenMind was called "one of the most exciting and forward-thinking pieces of immersive work [during SXSW 2018].

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