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Whether you're looking to foster innovation, engage & retain clients, or cultivate a vibrant company culture, I can help you design intentional experiences to turn ideas & ideals into reality.

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I have led dozens of highly successful workshops for public audiences and private organizations. But in the past when I adapted those formats for corporate teams, it hasn't always been successful. I learned that in a corporate setting, I need additional scaffolding to help participants feel comfortable and access the creativity that my typical audience can easily tap into. This is a strong indicator that these are important skills for them to practice, and I'm here to help!

I am looking for teams to beta test workshops to help me dial in an appropriate level that's accessible, but still challenging.

Here are some examples of what I can offer!

Think of this as Improv 2.0! Interactive acting offers all the benefits of an improv class (thinking on your feet, confidence, etc), but with a subtle shift in focus to develop active listening skills and empathy.

Think Like a Futurist!

Interactor Training

Scenario Training

I will work with you to design custom training scenarios to prepare your team for high-stakes situations in a low-stakes environment.

An introductory workshop to strategic foresight practices, designed to help your team cultivate divergent thinking, challenge the status quo, and consider various future possibilities.

Meme On!

A fun virtual team-building activity where you get to make personalized memes for all your inside jokes. A team from Meta gave this activity a 5-star rating!

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