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How can I help?

Here are some of the ways I could support your team!

I teach writing and acting techniques to make immersive experiences more engaging and/or responsive to guests. I offer standalone workshops or ongoing training. This work can be incorporated into the development/ rehearsal process for a production or brought in as an offering for established agencies or education organizations.

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My favorite part of creating immersive/ interactive theater is working with performers to make the story come alive. In my 9-year career working in entertainment and events, I have gathered hands-on experience in several facets of the work (lighting, AV, scenic, costuming, producing, graph design etc). That has given me the language to collaborate with my various team members, plus the perspective to consider the technical possibilities and challenges when casting a creative vision.


In addition to writing my own original projects for Ruse, I love working as a member of a writing team for immersive and themed entertainment. I specialize in writing experience narratives that directly engage guests or even cast them with a role in the story. I also write marketing copy, technical spiels, signage, reflection prompts, and more. I have experience adapting existing IP into interactive experiences.


As with most immersive creators, I have worn many hats. After falling in love with immersive, I realized very quickly that to work on the kind of projects I was most passionate about, I would need to produce them. For most of my career, I produced indie immersive theater projects, while I made my money as a freelance lighting programmer, stagehand, fabricator, and art handler (skills that also proved very helpful to my artistic work).

I can support events, entertainment, and experiential marketing projects with management, production support, graphic/ web design, ticketing, lighting/ tech, fabrication, and more. Essentially, whatever you need, just ask. I can probably help and if I can't I probably know someone else who could.

Drawing from a decade of experience and copious amounts of research into social psychology, I would love to help your team design your experience to be as impactful as possible!

I also offer facilitated workshop sessions, where I guide your team through a structured brainstorm and/or strategy session to tap into the group's collective intelligence.


I specialize in interactive performance, directly engaging guests and incorporating their contributions into the story world.

Other performance skills include:

  • Acting for film and stage

  • Improvisation

  • Devising/ movement theatre

  • Dance (swing, salsa, most 20s-70s dance styles, musical theater, trained in modern, jazz, and ballet)

  • Singing (jazz, musical theater, some pop/rock)

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Past Projects

Taking experiences to the next level of immersion...

It seems everyone wants their experience to be "immersive" these days, but not everyone means the same thing when they use that word. Instead of drawing a line to define what qualifies as "immersive," I like to look at immersion as a multi-dimensional spectrum.

  • Level of transport: How far is that world from the "real world" and how fully does it transport you into that world?

  • Level of Engagement: How active is the role the guest is invited to play, and how present is the guest with the experience?

  • Level of Response: How adaptive is the experience to the guest's engagement, and to what degree does the experience engage back?

Of course, these elements are intertwined, but my favorite axis to play with is the level response because this is what makes an experience interactive. I believe the power of art is it's ability to facilitate connection. I prefer to create a nuanced dialogue with guests, not just an automated chatbot conversation.