Hooked - Progressive Boat

Progressive will protect your boat for a fair little sum, and to get the word out we brought games, prizes, plus a captain and his mate to sing out the news!


Christy Casey

4/1/20241 min read

Hooked - Progressive Boat


Reel in some leads for Progressive Insurance at boat shows across the country with a variety of branded assets and specialty performers!


Progressive showed up at 10 boat shows photo op in the month of January alone, so our team needed to develop a suite of assets to keep things fresh and have enough to activate at multiple events simultaneously!

Here's what we came up with:

  • A captain and his mate who would roam the show floor telling jokes and singing shanties about Progressive's top-notch coverage!

  • Ventriloquist Captain Shelly, and her trusty companion Admiral Crow.

  • Hooked: an oversized claw game to win branded swag.

  • Bucking Bass photo op for a playful family photo and a printed postcard to take home.

  • Progressive Point welcome center where guests could grab a show guide and a branded tote.

  • Nautical prize wheel as an ultra-portable engagement to bring to smaller shows.

  • A partnership with water-skiing celebrity squirell, Twiggy!