A Deep Dive experience that invited two participants to live out a cinematic sci-fi adventure that spanned 4 days and the entire city of Austin During SXSW 2018.


Christy Casey

4/3/20241 min read



Create a cinematic Sci-Fi adventure starring two unrehearsed participants that weaves into Meow Wolf's city-wide scavenger hunt at SXSW.


"One of the most exciting and forward-thinking pieces of immersive work [at SXSW]" - The Verge

The Interactive Deep Dive team lead by Jeff Wirth created a reality so immersive that our participants lost site of the real world while it was happening.

The best way to wrap your head around the nature of this experience is to compare it to The Truman Show or Jury Duty, if Truman and Ronald had knowingly opted into their fictional realities.

The experience spanned four days and more than 20 locations across the city of Austin. The story world was brought to life by a team of 17 professional actors and 70+ extras.

Our storyworld also served a the meta-narrative for "Meow Wolf Outside", Meow Wolf's city-wide scavenger hunt during SXSW 2018.