Rally Racer - Progressive Moto

Progressive, the #1 Motorcycle insurer takes over motorcycle rally's across the country with branding, entertainment, and our moto twist on the carnival classic water gun racing game!


Christy Casey

4/1/20241 min read

Rally Racer - Progressive Motorcycle


Create an edgy experience that appeals to a motorcycle crown, while promoting Progressive's values of safety and protection.


At the biggest motorcycle rallies across the US, Progressive branding is unmissable! From branding all across event grounds, event-specific photo ops, to onstage MC spots with tee-shirt cannons, to live painted artwork, to close-up magic, Progressive is making a major impression and I haven't even mentioned the activations yet.

For smaller events, we had branded slot machines, which are already pretty sick! For larger events, we'd bring out the main attraction, The Rally Racer: the classic carnival game with a motorcycle twist. Players would rev their "engines" to squirt water into the bullseye to race their motorcycles across the board. The winners would of course win some Progressive branded swag!