Resilience 2032

A social media theater experience that combined futures thinking workshops with an interactive narrative that unfolded in real time over the course of 5 weeks.


Christy Casey

3/20/20241 min read

Resilience 2032


Democratize futures thinking by creating an experience that transports participants to the year 2032.


Participants were invited to co-create a possible future set in the year 2032 that unfolded in real-time across social media platforms over the course of a month in October 2020.

The project (originally intended to be hybrid) pivoted to be fully online due to the pandemic. We had guests and featured artists from all over the world including Jordan, Turkey, Spain, Nigeria, Mexico, and all across the US.

The project was featured in the Cannes XR challenge and awarded the Next Generation Foresight Practitioners Fellowship. We were invited to teach futures thinking workshops for NYU, California State University, Laguardia High School, and the Association of Professional Futurists.