The Wild Party

Queenie's throwing a party and you're invited! Mingle with vaudeville's not-so-elite, but definitely interesting characters. If you're lucky, you might get a chance to be in Goldstein's next production... or you might witness a murder. Who knows what will happen when the party gets wild?


Christy Casey

3/31/20241 min read

The Wild Party


Adapt Joseph Moncure March's poem into an immersive experience where audiences become guests at a 1920's house party.


Queenie's trowing a party and you're invited!

This immersive adaptation of the 1928 poem The Wild Party invited guests to step back in time to a prohibition era party hosted by vaudville's B-list performers and producers. As the night goes on and intoxication levels rise, dark secrets are revealed and things take a sinister turn.

"This is what immersive theatre is all about. The audience is right in the thick of the party... the cast is hitting the high notes of the epic poem."

- Paul Atreide in Eat More Art Vegas

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