Wow-worthy guest experiences!

Whether you're looking to foster innovation, engage & retain clients, or cultivate a vibrant company culture, I can help you design intentional experiences to turn ideas & ideals into reality.

Become a beta tester!

My team for Resilience 2032 lead more than 50 events facilitating futures thinking with a public audience. The feedback was extremely positive, and we even won the Next Generation Foresight Practitioners award. When I tried to share the same exercises with corporate teams, they got stuck and frustrated.

I realized two things:

  1. This training was even more needed in a corporate environment than I thought.

  2. I would need to translate and add more scaffolding to make the material accessible.

I'm looking for companies to beta test to help me dial in the right level! Not only will you get lower pricing, the workshops will be tailored based on your particular needs.

Here are some workshops and services I'm offering for beta testing:

  1. Interactive (aka Improv 2.0): All the benefits of improv, but with a subtle shift to focus on developing active listening skills and empathy. Virtual or in-person in LA.

  2. Meme On!: A fun virtual team-building activity where you get to make personalized memes for all your inside jokes. A team from Meta gave this activity a 5-star rating!

  3. Think Like a Futurist: an introduction to strategic foresight practices, designed to cultivate divergent thinking, challenge the status quo, and consider various future possibilities.

  4. Simulation Training: Custom training scenarios to prepare for high-stakes situations in a low-stakes environment.

  5. Custom activities & facilitation for conferences and retreats: Interactive prompts to facilitate more meaningful connections.

When I have translated very successful exercises to a corporate context, they haven't always succeeded.

Interested in learning more?

How can I help?

Here are some of the ways I could support your team!

I teach writing and acting techniques to make immersive experiences more engaging and/or responsive to guests. I offer standalone workshops or ongoing training. This work can be incorporated into the development/ rehearsal process for a production or brought in as an offering for established agencies or education organizations.

Check this link for any upcoming public workshop offerings.

Conference or Retreat Activities

My favorite part of creating immersive/ interactive theater is working with performers to make the story come alive. In my 9-year career working in entertainment and events, I have gathered hands-on experience in several facets of the work (lighting, AV, scenic, costuming, producing, graph design etc). That has given me the language to collaborate with my various team members, plus the perspective to consider the technical possibilities and challenges when casting a creative vision.


In addition to writing my own original projects for Ruse, I love working as a member of a writing team for immersive and themed entertainment. I specialize in writing experience narratives that directly engage guests or even cast them with a role in the story. I also write marketing copy, technical spiels, signage, reflection prompts, and more. I have experience adapting existing IP into interactive experiences.


As with most immersive creators, I have worn many hats. After falling in love with immersive, I realized very quickly that to work on the kind of projects I was most passionate about, I would need to produce them. For most of my career, I produced indie immersive theater projects, while I made my money as a freelance lighting programmer, stagehand, fabricator, and art handler (skills that also proved very helpful to my artistic work).

I can support events, entertainment, and experiential marketing projects with management, production support, graphic/ web design, ticketing, lighting/ tech, fabrication, and more. Essentially, whatever you need, just ask. I can probably help and if I can't I probably know someone else who could.

Drawing from a decade of experience and copious amounts of research into social psychology, I would love to help your team design your experience to be as impactful as possible!

I also offer facilitated workshop sessions, where I guide your team through a structured brainstorm and/or strategy session to tap into the group's collective intelligence.